The VW Freebie

The VW Freebie

Everyone wants a special model which can become a show/conversation piece.

Funny how many of these models were given away for FREE! Being at the right place and the right time is another talking point - more of that in a later blog.
The model featured in this blog is coincidentally part of our stock - a model of the "new" VW Beetle in 2000 made by Matchbox.

This model, the VW Concept, has a kind of metal flake red paint finish and packed in a short blister. It was ONLY made exclusively for Target stores in the USA just after the Thanksgiving holiday in November 2000. Each store had a few available for the first 1000 customers who participated in a scratch card competition where you could win either this Matchbox model or if you were really unlucky, a cheap camera.

This model then also came with a $5 Target discount coupon for buying any one of 2 Matchbox play sets, Matchbox Mega Rig Polar Sub or the Matchbox Mountain Play set.

Now for an interesting story: We acquired a couple of these models from a gentleman who visited his family in the USA in 2000. While doing some site seeing they visited a Target store where they took part in the draw and ended up winning 6 VW's and a bag full of cheap cameras. The family then gave these models to him as a souvenir. These are quite rare today just due to the fact that only after the promotion was over, most collectors heard about this and then it was a question of "supply and demand".

There are no certainty about the total cars made but roughly between 5000 and 10 000 were available.

With that being said, never look a "gift horse" (toy car) in the mouth!

Happy Collecting!

PS: If you want to own one of these Target Exclusive VW Concept Beetles, we have a few available.


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