Why do we collect toy cars?

Why do we collect toy cars?

Why do we collect? it's always a personal thing. Firstly a couple of old school reasons albeit still great starters for today. (1-6)

1. "I had those as a kid" - mostly brand orientated eg. Matchbox, Dinky, Corgi etc. Also all models not just a specific make or model. I remember buying any Superfast I could lay my hands on!
2. "I could never afford these when I was small" - Also old brands and/or cars in specifics
3. "My brother/ friend had those..."
4. "I broke mine" or "Mine got stolen/ swapped"
5. "My first real car(s)" - there are more makes and models related and not a specific brand

6. "My dad/ Uncle had one" - it's about a specific make eg. 1966 Ford Cortina, 1968 VW 1500 etc and once again any brand will do EXCEPT when you are a Matchbox, Dinky, Hot Wheels etc specific collector.
7. "I love Mustangs" etc - any model, sometimes size orientated eg. 1:18 where there's one or two in the office, 1:64 at home in the study, man cave or in boxes.
8. "If only I could afford a real one" - here as mentioned in (7) choice of size can vary.
9. "My colleague/ friend has a large or impressive collection" - not always for the right reasons but boys will be boys.

10. "I'm a petrol head and love cars etc" - Here the collector goes wide in the selection.
11. Period related - "Timeless Classics" - Collecting only cars from a specific period say 1901-1913, Pre-WWI or American Classics from 1950-1960, many options...
12. "I am retired, bored or looking for a new hobby" - once again the world is your oyster.
13. Lucky or unlucky number 13?
a.) "I want to impress, show my friends and family how successful I am" - Here we tend to buy Limited Editions, known expensive brands, highly detailed models. Funny the price tag or certificate is always near or present when stash is flaunted.
b.) A very sensitive option: "I want to invest my hard earned cash in something nice/ popular/ trendy" - If the collector knows the ins and outs of model toy car collecting, it's easy. If not, burned fingers and pockets will be the end result.
Items bought 50 years ago, stashed away in mint condition - works 100%. Items bought very cheap - do not "steal" them though!
Condition and manufacturing brands are here the key factors. Have an ear on the ground concerning trends and what is on demand.

14. "I started a collection for my son" - once you see all the magnificent treasures you are buying for the little one, you might feel a need/excuse to treat that little boy inside of you as well.
15. If none of the above is why you collect, then you are just totally addicted!

Here are 15 reasons why we do or should and shouldn't collect! I find the first reason, works for me - most of the other reasons will follow and if you enjoy it, make memories and friends, it is all a bonus...

Happy collecting and remember, it's NEVER too late to have a happy childhood!


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      James Anderson
      Oct 31, 2019

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